Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tuesday - Time for Eye Candy

It is Tuesday again, and I do not have any ironing. I am comfortable that the world will not end, if I wear a wrinkled shirt. Maybe I will iron the front placket of a shirt, but rarely much more. And I do not ever iron sheets. I have a friend who irons her husband's boxers. It will be a frosty Friday before that ever happens at my house. (Well, maybe if the starch is handy.:)

We are sort of settling into a pattern of using Tuesday for eye candy. Just let me know if you get bored with seeing bad photos of older pieces. I still have some of these (pieces I mean), but some must have gone the way of the dodo bird. Not sure where that is, but they are gone, gone, gone...

Let's begin with the completed piece from yesterday.....

Comments indicated that most everyone shared a preference for the yellow ends. So, I have changed the black beads for yellow, lengthened the piece so it could be worn doubled up and then added the clasp. I will let it sit, for a day or two, to make sure it survives the time test. This piece still irks me somehow, but I am not sure why. Perhaps after a good night's sleep, I will know how to improve it in some way.

The following pieces are older pieces, enjoy!

vintage handmade ebony and sterling

I find it very unsettling to look at some of the older photos of my work (and not just because they may be out of focus.).  I often find myself trying to remember the inspiration for a particular piece. In my mind I am rarely completely satisfied with a piece. Occasionally I will nail it and I will still love something I might have made 3 or 4 years ago. I wish I could bottle that.
The wooden and silver beads are especially intriguing in this group. The wooden beads are very old African beads. I wondered as I was making it who made them and why. They are all hand made and as such they are all slightly irregular. They are wonderfully smooth, having been touched and rubbed by many hands over many decades. I am a very tactile person and love to touch things. When I go shopping with my daughter, she often comments that I "have to touch everything". Touching something is as important to me as seeing something, sometimes even more.

Live well! Drop by again.


  1. I love using wood also, and I find it a bit of a compulsion: as in, when I make something without wood, it feels like something is missing :)

    1. Wood is so tactile. I love the feel and there is a richness to vintage beads. Thanks for stopping by.