Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Hi!

I have had more productive weeks than this last week. Since my son and daughter-in-law have arrived for a 10 day visit, no matter how much I intend to keep up with my jewellery life, it just seems that other responsibilities sneak up on me. I cherish the time we now have to sit and talk and find out all about their lives, but I haven't yet mastered the art of talking and working on my jewellery at the same time!

I say this because I tend to work best in quiet solitary spaces. I prefer to block out all the distractions that surround me, so that I can then focus on making jewellery. But family visits make this an impossible task, so I have made very little progress recently. But, and this is a big but - I have actually missed blogging. Could it be that blogging is now a new habit that I can't easily give up?

So, during the few spare minutes I do have this morning, while they go to the beach and swim in the big waves, I want to share with you at few things that I did manage to complete this week.


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