Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bracelets vs Bangles

I am unable to make much jewellery these days. A water leak in our basement has resulted in the complete gutting of my workspace. Most of my tools and jewellery supplies are now locked in storage, until September, when necessary repairs will be completed.

So, by necessity, my jewellery designs have become very simple indeed.

What is simpler that a stretchy bracelet? I often string on stretchy cord as an interim step to a finished piece. (Let the beads decide if they want to live together.) That has me thinking about some of the tutorials I have enjoyed lately regarding bangles.

Ethereal Bangles by Kristen Robinson was a very enjoyable online class. (It does not appear to be available any longer.)

Fanciful Devices has a great tutorial on stacking bangles, available here.

PDF Tutorial- Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack.

These are so much fun to make because you get to choose what to include and you decide where it is to be placed. There are many interpretations of this available on Etsy.

Since I do not have access to metal wire, at the moment I  am working with the concept using stretchy cord as a temporary stringing medium. In October, I intend to replace this stretchy cord with metal wire.

Here are a few examples.

These lovely beads are mostly from shipwreckdandy. I love her work.

Semi precious stones........


I will try to put up more stretchy bracelets as they are done. I am short of beads but will have to make do........

Once I have access to all my tools, supplies and workspace again, I can hopefully make some of my bracelets into bangles.....