Friday, 15 January 2016

Lines of Jewellery

Ever since I started  making jewellery I have been told it is important to create a line. I was never quite sure just what that meant. Something common in each piece in the line? Technique? Materials? Style? Theme?

Maybe just chains?

Pendants on chains? Hearts?

Beads with pendants, ethnic, boho, tribal, "Downton Abby", the list goes on and on. I am not sure I can limit myself to any one category but as I create and learn more I can see a common thread in my work.

I like pieces that tell a story, are time-worn, architectural, ...

These pieces are great alone or layered......

Maybe I will try them with a braided cord? or leather?

I am going to experiment with this idea of a line with a couple of conditions, I must love everything I make and it must all be something I would wear.

Wish me luck!