Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday Morning

Woke up - more snow - even though I missed most of the winter here I think we are getting the normal year's snowfall now --- I had errands to run yesterday and all the colours in the stores had me dreaming of spring - I want yellow, green, blue, bright and vibrant - and this is really strange since I rarely wear bright colours  ---  maybe something is in the air - the bunnies are turning brown - my skin is so dry I even purchased some spray on oil - oh it feels so good - not slippery at all --- I had a shower last night, sprayed myself all over and put on my jammies - sat down to watch TV and did not even slide off the couch (or is it sofa or maybe chesterfield)  so many choices.....

I purchased this pendant from a beach vendor in Puerto Vallarta ......... It says "sun" to me.

I am off to find some bright cheerful beads to make a spring necklace - at least I will have something to wear if the snow ever stops......



  1. Do you LOVE the oil? I haven't tried mine yet :)