Sunday, 23 March 2014

Monday Again

I am home and trying to get my routine back - cold weather is difficult to get used to but not unmanageable - most of the time.

I have been sawing earrings, hammering, adding patina, polishing, ...  They are starting to look like earrings. I am making four or five sizes, from very large to "smaller". Since they are all hand sawn there are really no two pairs the same size or finish. And I guess that is good? I have shown you this photo before but this is likely the largest circle. I am working down from this as well as ovals, tear drops, ameba, ........  Not sure what other shapes I will do but no two pairs will be exactly alike. I love making them. Maybe I will add bead drops to some of them as well? Enamel, Paper, ........

I also received some pieces I had cast. It is my logo, created by my daughter. I am so proud of them - especially since she created the design for me. I am going to incorporate them into charm bracelets and necklaces. For the moment, until I complete a bracelet, I am wearing one of the castings on a silver chain. I am so proud of my beautiful daughter when I look at them.

The earrings have hand made sterling ear wires and a small pearl dangle at the bottom. They have lovely movement. I fell almost "real" when I look at them.

And lastly, I have a random pair of earrings I love. Found them when I was cleaning out a drawer.....

I really need to work on my photos ------ I need help and practice! Enjoy!


  1. I love the last pair of earrings, so cool! And I am very proud of you, Mom :)

    1. That surprises me --- I never would have guessed you would like that pair - I am happy you do. And the feeling is mutual. I love you too! Thanks for the great logo.