Saturday, 8 March 2014

Jewellery Making Mojo Challenge - Week 3

I want to thank Heather Powers of  Humblebeads for hosting this challenge.
For week three- To quote Heather, our wonderful hostess for this wonderful multi-week challenge;

"It's time to go back to school! Learning something new is a super way to get your jewelry making mojo kicked into high gear. 
Find a project in a book, magazine or online (tutorials and videos are perfect for this challenge) and create a piece of jewelry inspired by the project."


Check out Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge for more details.

Thank you again Heather, this was just the push I needed to revisit kumihimo (a Japanese technique used to weave cords together), a skill that I first learned years ago. I viewed a Youtube video from BeadSmith, for a refresher

and then gave it a try ---

From this....

To this....

I used a rattail cord for my first attempt. It was an old piece, in random variegated colours that I did not particularly like, but I definitely do like the resulting cord. It is nice and heavy, but soft around the neck. It is an upscale replacement for a leather cord and the colour options are almost limitless.

Now I am off to find a video to see how to add some beads ....

I will give some thought to see if this cord might be introduced to my jewellery. I think there are some definite possibilities.

Thanks for visiting ---- I am looking forward to the 4th week of the Mojo Challenge.


  1. This challenge is awesome! It has inspired me to get back to my jewelry making! I have many pieces over the years that i have made for myself but I have gotten away from creating! Maybe one of these days I can join as well! Great work! Nicole

    1. I agree the challenge is great - I am happy to hear you are inspired to make jewellery again. I find it to be a very rewarding hobby. Good luck. Please let me know how your attempts go. And thank you for your comment.

  2. I love kumihimo, Judy! From embroidery threads to heavy yarns, they all get quite poetic with a bit of weaving, don't they?

    1. I agree, I think I am going to like it as well. Thank you for you comment.