Sunday, 16 February 2014

Three Simple Pieces Plus One

I have been scanning through my posted photos and - surprise - I am pretty sure that most of my posts have been about "statement" pieces.

But what do I wear when I want to go to the grocery store? I could always wear a "statement" piece (you never know who you will meet in the vegetable aisle. Don't they even have singles nights at some supermarkets? Oh, but I digress.) --- but on days when I feel more calm, one of these will work just fine.

A single strand of beads with a pendant can look terrific (but still classy)!
These types of necklaces require some thought to look just right but they are so easy to wear. Just hook the clasp and go. Currently, I am hard at work learning new techniques that will allow me to make my own pendants. It is very satisfying to imagine a pendant, to design it and then be able to create it by applying chemical patinas or heat to change colours, or by using developing formfolding skills and even forging to hammer materials into new shapes.
I am really enjoying creating more of my own component pieces - commercial components are lovely and I will continue to use them, but I think jewellery has more heart when you put more of yourself into it.


  1. I agree. The more components you can create yourself, the better a piece feels.

    1. Thanks for the feedback - I am working on earring components at the moment.

  2. These are absolutely amazing! XOXO Mina