Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cleaning My Closet

I am almost certain that someone has been shopping, (and putting their clothes in my closet,) when I am not looking. I see things in there that I swear I have never seen before. Who would ever need six black pairs of pants? Apparently I do. LOL

Does anyone else have a tendency to unknowingly buy the same clothes over and over, just because? With my faulty memory, I do not intend for this outcome - but it happens.

I do not believe in the possibility that when I go shopping, that I might already own clothes like these at home. So, I am shocked when I open my closet doors and discover that I have duplicates, already there. Perhaps that could be the real reason why I swear someone is shopping and putting their stuff in my closet. But I do like what they buy.

This situation does not happen as often in other areas of my life! As you can likely tell, I make jewellery. A lot of jewellery. And as anyone with a crafting hobby will attest, you can never have too many beads, or too much fabric, or too much paint - you get the idea. The only problem, if you even admit to actually having a problem, is that you haven't had enough time to turn all your inventory into truly interesting, marvellous jewellery creations. Not enough time may be a problem, but having too many duplicate components is never a concern of mine. Or for that matter, is it  a concern for  any other jewellery maker that I know? This topic just never seems to surface as a problem for anyone making jewellery (or any other crafter for that matter.)

Well my closets have been sorted - now on to the jewellery supplies. Wish me luck!


Well, OK, maybe I still need to do some purging.


  1. with me its jeans! Those that fit now, them that fit then and then some that are too big yeahhhhh - but what if I put weight on again and need them again? lol

    1. Oh you are so right - and as soon as I donate something I am looking to wear it.

  2. Hi!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I agree! I too have way too many pairs of black pants. Especially since I always wear my favorite pair if it is clean. However, I can never have too much yarn of any color. I have a huge basket of just white yarn. Then there are the blues, greens, reds, ... I know you understand.