Tuesday, 18 February 2014

If Its Tuesday It Must Be Time For... "Eye Candy"

Working really hard at establishing a routine on my blog - I know it is important to post consistently but is regular content also important? - by that I mean publishing an entry every Monday on the same topic, for example--- I am not sure but I do like eye candy on Tuesday --- it is fun to look through my old pictures and find a few interesting pieces to show you. It will usually spark something in me and then I build another new piece or two using the photo as inspiration.

If you have been reading here for awhile (or even on my Facebook page), you might know that I am not a big fan of earrings (making not wearing) - I have made a few attempts at trying to improve my negative attitude, but I still don't seem to enjoy the process of making them.

So, I have decided to try to change my attitude by simply making lots of earrings, until I learn to enjoy making them as much as I enjoy making necklaces! Perhaps lots of practise will improve my attitude and with that goal in mind, I have decided to make a progression in styles. The first group (below) consists of simple wrapped loops --- the next group will consist of a hammered or balled head pin, and on and on and on...... At some point, multi dangles will appear, as will more complicated styles. By this using this approach, I hope to see the styles I really like to make and also learn what is not so appealing to me.

Here is my first group of simple wrapped loops;

In case you were curious, the backdrop used for these earrings was one of my shirts. Although I welcome your thoughts about using a shirt as a backdrop, I am much more interested in learning what you think of these earrings. I hope you enjoyed viewing these. More groups to follow!


  1. I used to be "blech" on earrings, too, Judy, until last year when I jumped on the AJE Weekly Earring Challenge. At the start, it was literally a "challenge" for me to get a pair per week made :) By the end of the year, it became quite effortless. So in January I stepped it up by joining Amy Freeland's 100 Pairs 100 Days, a charity challenge. Tomorrow marks the halfway point (50 days). I've had to be more determined, especially since I was on a spending "diet" the first 4 weeks... no NEW beads. In addition, I've gained some admiration for those folks who can whip up earrings like maniacs :)

    I think "eye candy" is a great theme. I wouldn't necessarily map out every day of the week, maybe two or three. I think having a blueprint reduces the stress of trying to come up with a topic :) I've never thought of using clothing as a background, but it's a natural. After all, most of us wear clothing and jewelry together LOL. Your earrings are pretty and it's a good plan to progress through the different styles.

    1. Some great feedback - thank you. Great work with the challenges - I also find them helpful to push me in the right direction. I am going to have a look at the AJE weekly challenge. Sounds like a good way to start. I really appreciate your feedback - Take care.