Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tuesday Eye Candy

Wow! It has been awhile. I have been occupied with family issues. I am easily distracted and will use most any excuse to delay my jewellery work.

But it is time to get back in there and do what I love. I have been all over the map. Stacking bracelets, tribal pieces, found objects, sleek wood, more and more earrings. I have been loving most of what I am making but it not of a style. Decided I need to let that go. "If I like it I will make it" is my new motto.

I like to explore and try new techniques. Glitter, gold leaf stones, why not? Diamonds with plastic? I really admire artists who work in a "style" and I know I have talked about this before but...... embrace the difference -

Do you make jewellery for yourself that is different from what you make to sell? I often find I do not have any pieces to wear casually. So..... I made some casual jewellery. Lots of layering pieces, I love them but they do not sell..... Maybe it is the display? Maybe it is the wrong audience? Maybe, maybe, maybe..... Maybe don't worry so much and just make what you enjoy?

I hope to have some enamel pieces ready to show you next week - in the meantime here are some new pieces I have been working on ---

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.....

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