Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Great Day In Kananaskis

Yesterday was a great day -  we headed into Kananaskis Country for a wonderful hike....

And stopped at Barrier Lake / University of Calgary Field Station ....

After a liberal application of bug spray, we set off to see fields of yellow lady slipper orchids....

Imagine the side of a hill covered in clumps of these amazing flowers. We saw an amazing number of wildflowers along the trail. I have included a few here.

 I also have a fascination with tree bark...... (just two photos - there were a lot of trees after all)

On the return portion of the first loop, we discovered we were on the Trans Canada Trail. Unfortunately we were unable to find where this portion of the trail went. There were only 3 markers, so it was not very well marked.

This site was used as a WW2 POW camp to house German prisoners. The building was one of the original guard towers from Camp #130.

We also had the pleasure of meeting this young deer - he was bigger than us and heading in our direction. He waited patiently, staring at us, until we had turned around and headed back down the trail. He began to follow us for awhile and then he headed off into the woods. Only after he had left for greener pastures, did we turn around and proceed up the path.

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  1. That looks like a nice relaxing day - lots of pretty flowers. You always remember to take your bug spray don't you? You wild woman, you...