Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mojo Challenge: Week Nine - Ancient History

"Create a piece of jewelry inspired by an ancient design using modern materials. What's ancient? Let's anything before the Renaissance. Head back to ancient Greece, Rome, Africa, China or India for a serious dose of inspiration. Don't forget Celtic and Viking jewelry designs too. There is literally a whole world to explore!"

Click here to see the original post for this week. Thanks again Heather.

This week took me awhile to get my head around - I work with ancient beads all the time. I love them. I love the worn patina, the smooth texture from years of being worn and touched. I read, I goggled, but I was stuck on some vintage trade beads. I decided to modify the challenge a little and use the beads I loved (ancient) but create a more modern design. I have been into wrap bracelets lately and this seemed to be the perfect use for these lovely beads.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

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