Monday, 5 May 2014

Mojo Challenge: Week 7 - One Colour

"Make a piece of jewelry with just one color, varying to value (light & darkness), shape and texture for interest."
Click here to see the original post for this week. Thanks again Heather.

I am really confused though - I thought I was so up to date and I find this is week 8 already ---- I need to get my post for week 7 up. "I am late - I am late - for a very important date"  --- Not sure how this happened but all will be right with the world very soon. I have been making a number of monochromatic pieces this week and nothing was striking my fancy. I wanted something simple - to wear with a colourful sun dress - I did not want to use any metal - I know this type of necklace can look very cheap but I was determined to either overcome that or love "cheap" which ever came first ----- And I do love this - enough to make a couple more for layering - I used only bone beads but they all vary slightly in colour due to natural dyes. I also varied the shape ---- I randomly selected from a bowl of different shapes and sizes and placed them onto my beading wire. I was fortunate enough to have a number of bone clasps as well. I am very happy with my results.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

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