Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mojo Challenge: Week 5

"Take apart a few older designs and use the pieces to create a new creation." 

Thanks Heather for the great multiweek challenge. Click here for the link for this weeks challenge of the multiweek MOJO Challenge.

This is the necklace I decided to take apart. Dark wooden beads as well as matte lucite beads. Not a combination I would tend to use today. But the beads are good.

But what should I do - I do not think the small wooden beads have enough presence to become the main focus of the necklace..... but ....... they do mix very well with the bicone banana leaf beads from Mzuribeads. I love the natural feel of these beads - great to combine with the wooden beads. I am really pleased with the new necklace.

Now what do I do with the Lucite beads? Maybe mix them with silver?

another after
I used more Mzuribeads, some vintage Moroccan silver, some Thai and Bali silver, some larger lucite beads and of course the original lucite beads. Much better use of the beads from the original necklace I believe.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!


  1. Your final necklace is awesome. Well worth, the struggle to create it.

  2. Wow what a change. The dark wooden beads on their own would not have made much of a presentation but your re-design using the banana leaf beads and giving the necklace texture with the wisps of cording is pure genius. Love it !

    Your use of the translucent Lucite beads with the silver creates a more elegant necklace with an ethereal feel to it. Beautiful !

    1. Thank you so much for visiting. I appreciate your comments.

  3. LOVE the wood bead remake! the lucite re-do is great also, but that wood one is a real knockout.