Monday, 14 April 2014

Is Simple Best?

I often admire necklaces that are composed of many different beads and involve a very intricate pattern. I also look at multi-colour pieces with admiration. I will occasionally try to use this technique. Sometimes with more success than others. I find I like simple classic design, sometimes with a twist. I usually like to let the main components shine and let the "extras" add something without taking away from the main components.

The following necklace is very simple, made with silver and vintage amber. I really think this piece speaks of beautiful components. I like to wear this necklace alone as well as mixed with other pieces. It stands on its own as well as part of a group.

This piece, made of bone, wood and small brass spacers speaks with a somewhat louder voice. Still very quiet as far a colour goes, the necklace is far busier. Still lovely.

The next piece (made with silver, dyed jade, turquoise and red coral) is by far the busiest piece in my opinion and I do love it. I think this piece has received more compliments than any other piece I have made. Not sure why but I think I should try to figure it out.

This last necklace is very busy. It took me a very long time to create what I considered a successful piece. It is actually a variety of beads on a single long strand that I have doubled so it will fit in the photo. This is a wonderful layering piece that also captures my heart.

I am trying to figure out what makes a necklace successful to my eye. What is lovely is very much a personal thing but I think the design of a necklace has rules that when followed will often improve your odds for a successful piece. I try to read as much as I can on design and practice a lot.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!


  1. I think your last statement says it all... practice is what it's all about IMHO. I would add I try not to take myself too seriously and just play; sometimes those turn out to be the most successful designs :)

    1. Thank you - I could not agree with you more - it is sometimes difficult to "play" when things are not working though.

  2. I love that third necklace! It's beautiful. Love the colors.