Sunday, 13 April 2014

It's Sunday and I Have Some Time

It is Sunday today - just plus 1 C but the sun is trying to shine ------ we have had some warmer weather but the sun does not come out as much as I might like -

We had another great hike in Kananaskis on Friday. The weather ran the gamut from sun to snow to sun again. It was plus 7 so very nice. The snow is definitely still there in the mountains.

The hike started innocently enough - the path was well marked and almost impossible to go the wrong way......

We followed the red snowshoe markers.... Very helpful in deep snow when the actual trail is not visible or you are walking through what would be a marsh in the summer.

The vistas are always mind blowing.....

This photo gives you an indication of how much snow is still there. You would normally stand in front of this sing to read it........

Obviously deeper here......

At one point the trail appeared to head left. We were pretty sure the packed trail went straight ahead but since the used trail headed left we thought there may be an issue with the normal path. We headed left following the snowshoe marks. Within 10 or 15 steps I was up to my waist in snow. At that point I started laughing so hard I fell over backwards. My friend came back to help me and sunk up to her waist as well. After much laughing we got ourselves out of the holes and promptly turned around for the snow covered but well packed trail. The hike was much easier again.

This has to be my favourite sign on the trail. Not sure what the penalty is for going the wrong way on a hiking path???????

We had a great day. Enjoy!

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