Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I am not a real "lover" of hearts. They do not really appeal to me - I appreciate the sentiment but they just do not do it for me. Or so I thought - I have been cleaning and sorting my supplies after a "flood" in my basement in June 2013. In order to restore the mess and remove the mold all my belongs were hastily dumped into boxes for storage in my back lane (in a very large container) - as best as I can tell no thought was given to what was placed with what - 150 boxes plus furniture later my basement was stripped and then rebuilt -

Well we are not replacing all this "stuff" - it is a perfect opportunity to sort and get rid of things I do not use or need. In the sorting process I began to find hearts - my intension was to get rid of them and then I began to see a trend - more and more hearts began to appear.

Maybe the universe was trying to tell me something. I have had heart issues for the past 3 years.... maybe these hearts were a message. So I began to build a necklace with all these hearts that I do not collect........

Thanks for visiting and sorry I cannot get the photo to appear.


  1. Funny about the hearts. I never thought I liked particular figures such as butterflys and ladybugs, etc. Then I started noticing that I was coming across a lot of hearts. So lately I have been looking for special hearts to make a necklace. Funny how that works.

    1. thank you for your kind words - I would love to see your necklace when you have had time to complete it.