Friday, 18 July 2014

Pine Ridge Treasures Gemstone and Metal 2014 Blog Hop

This was a real challenge. I was sent some "Candy Jade" to work with. (I completely forgot to take a photo. Sorry.) I sat with those beads on my desk for a very long time. No inspiration. Nothing. They did not fit into my usual design esthetic. What was I going to do. By the time I decided what I wanted to create with these lovely beads time was running out. There was no time to wire wrap all these beautiful (but small) beads. So stringing it was.

I pulled some larger metal beads from my stash as well as a few spacers. The longer strand is very symmetrical with a vintage pendant at the centre. The second stand is completely random. I really like how they create a somewhat delicate but still in your face design.

Thanks Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures for a great challenge.

Please enjoy the rest of the hop. Click here for a full list of participants.

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We're All Ears: July Challenge

The inspiration and challenge for July was a tough one. I am not an American so I am not familiar with all the patriotic traditions. The photo below was the inspiration for the monthly challenge.

Click here or here for more details regarding the hop. This image only spoke to me of colour. I rarely work in multi colours but I had no choice in my mind other than to use red, white and blue. I have been collecting all of my vintage trade beads in preparation for some new necklaces and these beads popped out. I realize they are extremely simple but this is what I like to wear. Light and simple.

Thank you EARRINGS EVERYDAY for this challenge.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tuesday Eye Candy

Hi all! Wow what a summer!

Just finishing off a garden rehab that was started last summer. I have put in a vegetable garden for the first time in my life (potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, various herbs.....) and they need way more attention than I ever imagined. Oh where do the weeds come from?

I signed up for a once a month night market. I cannot seem to shake the urge to make "all new" stock for each event. I have been busy with experiments and prep that will hopefully see the light of day soon. (It definitely does not pay to try to reinvent yourself each time out.) 2 nights are complete and 2 more to go.

Hope these pieces intrigue you.


Monday, 30 June 2014

Mojo Challenge - Week Eleven - Characters Welcomed

 "Create a piece of jewelry inspired by a celebrity or pop culture character.  The character can be from a TV show, movie or book.  Fun, right? Ask yourself - what would she wear and go to town making it. "

Click here for more details.


Not sure why, but I have been fascinated for a very long time with trying to design something for Wilma Flintstone.
I really don't know why I decided to work with horn. Maybe my decision was based on the idea that animal horn would have been available in the "modern stone age". Maybe my decision was based on the idea that animal horn would be a good choice as an alternative material, since stone is so heavy. Also, everyone knows that Fred loved Wilma very much. That's why I am pretty sure that he would have given her a second necklace to wear for special occasions. It's easy for me to believe that Wilma would have worn something upscale when she attended a special occasion with Fred, like a dinner hosted by the Loyal order of Water Buffaloes.
The very rustic vintage silver that I used, may likely be a bit of a stretch for anyone to make during the "modern stone age", but I like to think that there could have been a talented maker of unique jewellery (someone a lot like me) living in Bedrock at that very special time. And just like me, that jewellery maker needed something to connect the pieces together. After all, Wilma deserves to wear something special, whenever she went out on the town of Bedrock.
I am happy with this piece. It did start out with the chain in the back but I think I prefer it in the front. I feel certain that Wilma would agree with me. I hope you do too..
Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Great Day In Kananaskis

Yesterday was a great day -  we headed into Kananaskis Country for a wonderful hike....

And stopped at Barrier Lake / University of Calgary Field Station ....

After a liberal application of bug spray, we set off to see fields of yellow lady slipper orchids....

Imagine the side of a hill covered in clumps of these amazing flowers. We saw an amazing number of wildflowers along the trail. I have included a few here.

 I also have a fascination with tree bark...... (just two photos - there were a lot of trees after all)

On the return portion of the first loop, we discovered we were on the Trans Canada Trail. Unfortunately we were unable to find where this portion of the trail went. There were only 3 markers, so it was not very well marked.

This site was used as a WW2 POW camp to house German prisoners. The building was one of the original guard towers from Camp #130.

We also had the pleasure of meeting this young deer - he was bigger than us and heading in our direction. He waited patiently, staring at us, until we had turned around and headed back down the trail. He began to follow us for awhile and then he headed off into the woods. Only after he had left for greener pastures, did we turn around and proceed up the path.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Mojo Challenge - Week Ten - Fashion & Beads

"Create a piece of jewelry inspired by your favorite clothing catalog or online store."
This entire weekly challenge has been fun and challenging. I have found it difficult to keep up but I do intend to finish all 12 weeks. (Just 2 more to go.)

This pendant speaks to my love of metal as well as very simple pendants. Simple hammered disks with just a hint of torch fired patina left, waxed to stop any further change in patina, connected with a small jump ring. I would wear this pendant with architectural pieces of clothing. Maybe black? or something strapless where this would lay against your skin. Some of my favourite clothing designers include Eileen Fisher, Kaliyana, or maybe eskandar. They all have a similar esthetic which I love. I enjoy the mix of metal and leather cord. Polished but still with a tribal hint. I like to call this style URBAN TRIBAL.

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Friday, 20 June 2014

We're All Ears: JUNE Challenge

The challenge this month uses the photo below as inspiration. Click here or here for more details regarding the hop. I really enjoy this hop each month and I try to participate no matter what else may get left by the wayside. I love to wear earrings, but making them is another matter. This hop has really helped me to become more comfortable with the process of designing and then making my earrings. Thank you EARRINGS EVERYDAY for this challenge.

Guggenheim Museum: Source
I love visiting the Guggenheim and am inspired every time I go, because there is always something new and different to see. This is a perspective that I am not very familiar with, since I hardly ever look straight up, but I find it to be intriguing. Spirals like the one in this photo are a favorite of mine. I have been working for some time trying to perfect my wire spirals. I know that I am improving, but I feel that I still have a long way to go in my efforts to form copper into a spiral that is perfect.

This pair of earrings is made from 14g copper, then patina-ed. I have dished them so that will appear to have the same perspective as this photo of the museum walkways.

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